Fruit And Vegetables – The Clean Fifteen And The Dirty Dozen

Ok, so I believe that health is for everyone, everyone should be given the same opportunities to have a healthy, happy life. But that is far from reality. Staying healthy can be very expensive and I know that is a turn off for many people for example consuming organic food, filtered water, having a specific amount of healthy calories every day, working out and being active. All of this can be expensive. But don’t worry I got you covered. If we can’t go 100% then we can at least try being as healthy as we can. Even a small change can make a big difference. If you can’t afford to go to the gym, you can go for a jog or do resistance training at home. If you can’t afford expensive water filters then there are cheaper options (read my post “Improving The Quality Of Water You Drink”). All that aside today I wanted to talk about fruits and vegetables. Organic fruit and vegetables can be very expensive and for some people it is not financially feasible.

So I wanted to let you guys know about the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen. The Dirty Dozen list is a list of fruits and vegetables that have the most pesticides. As we know non organic fruit and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides which are very toxic for the body, these chemicals are absorbed by the produce. The Clean Fifteen list is a list of fruit and vegetables with the least amount of pesticides. As I said it isn’t feasible for everyone to just buy organic produce because it’s crazy expensive and yes I want to be healthy but I can’t be broke and healthy at the same time. It’s a catch 22, living a healthy lifestyle is expensive but I am not financially stable enough. I need to meet in the middle. I don’t always buy organic produce but certain vegetables I will only buy organic, especially for when I am juicing (I don’t want to consume a concentrated glass of pesticides, it defeats the purpose, don’t you think? haha).

What we can do is try our best not to buy the vegetables in the dirty dozen list unless they are organic. But the vegetables from the Clean Fifteen list doesn’t have to be organic. Below is an illustration of the two lists I created:

List of the DIrty Dozen and Clean 15 fruits and vegetables (non organic/ pesticides)
List of the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 fruits and vegetables (non organic/ pesticides)

In conclusion we should make wiser choices when deciding on which fruit and vegetables to buy. Also another tip, you can peel the skin off fruits and vegetables as they contain the majority of pesticides. So there you have it. But do remember it is best to have our diets as organic as possible, but let’s make a start, one step at a time.

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[Note: This blog is only for informational purposes only. It is not medical advice or diagnosis. Please consult with a Health care practitioner before making any diet or nutrition changes.]

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