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Natural Sports Energy Drink


Natural energy drink full of electrolytes to keep you hydrated and energised
Natural energy drink full of electrolytes to keep you hydrated and energised

In my last post we looked into electrolytes, what are they? And what are they for? Hopefully that post helped you to understand the importance of electrolytes. This blog is all about being natural and healthy, so in this post I will be telling you about how you can make a healthy sports energy drink that will restore depleted electrolytes and give you that much need energy boost. Whether you’re playing sports, working out or just active, this is the drink you need to keep your energy levels highs. Continue reading “Natural Sports Energy Drink” »

Squats – How To Do A Squat Properly

Squats, an exercise I’m sure a lot of people are familiar with. In this post I will go through the correct way of doing squats. Doing squats incorrectly like any other exercise can be dangerous. One of the main body parts affected by incorrect squatting is the knees. Squat properly and you reduce the pressure on your knees. Continue reading “Squats – How To Do A Squat Properly” »

Depression and Anxiety – what you can do (part 1)

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are very common problems and although they are different they have a lot of similarities. Anxiety is when someone is nervous about the future or what will happen, this leads to negative thoughts and wanting to avoid the particular event altogether. The symptoms of Anxiety include fight or flight response symptoms like sweating, shaking, panicking, hyperventilating and heart rate increasing. The fight or flight response is an automatic response for our bodies to prepare for fight or flight (fleeing) from an attack/ threat or harm. This is a very normal response everyone experiences when they feel intimidated. Continue reading “Depression and Anxiety – what you can do (part 1)” »

Improve Your Posture In 1 2 3 (Part 2)

If you haven’t read part 1 of this post then click here and read that first. Don’t worry we’ll wait.


Ok, so we know how to improve our posture and we know of exercises to help strengthen the muscles to hold everything in place but we are missing something. Something equally as important as the above two points and that is stretching. We should be regularly stretching our muscles. Over time certain muscles will become tight (due to bad posture or over working of certain muscles) and others will loosen up which creates an imbalance. For example most of us work 8 hours at a desk rounding our shoulders forward as we are typing etc. This causes an imbalance in the muscles as certain muscles will have to work harder. Over time these muscles will become extremely tight. This tightness of the muscles will have a huge effect on our posture. So by stretching the muscles we are loosening the tight muscles, bringing all the muscles in balance to have them working in harmony. I do want to stress that stretching is something that should be a regular part of your fitness program. Ok so below I have a list of some very effective stretches. Continue reading “Improve Your Posture In 1 2 3 (Part 2)” »

Improve Your Posture In 1 2 3 (Part 1)


Freeze; now take a look at yourself. Are you slouching in your chair, shoulders rolled forward, head sticking forward? Yes! Then this post is definitely for you. If not, there’s no harm in reading on. Today’s topic is posture. The modern lifestyle is destroying our physique. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, sofas the list is endless. Although they all have a great purpose in our lives they can be the cause of so many aches and pains. We as individuals need to take precautions, so that we do not put untoward pressure on our bodies.

Correct Posture

Okay, so if you have back pains there are many preventative measures that you can adopt that can make a big difference. It won’t be easy but it’s definitely worth it. So first we need to know what correct posture is and how we can achieve and maintain correct posture at all times. I will break this down into two sections, standing posture and sitting posture.

Continue reading “Improve Your Posture In 1 2 3 (Part 1)” »