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Depression and Anxiety – what you can do (part 1)

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are very common problems and although they are different they have a lot of similarities. Anxiety is when someone is nervous about the future or what will happen, this leads to negative thoughts and wanting to avoid the particular event altogether. The symptoms of Anxiety include fight or flight response symptoms like sweating, shaking, panicking, hyperventilating and heart rate increasing. The fight or flight response is an automatic response for our bodies to prepare for fight or flight (fleeing) from an attack/ threat or harm. This is a very normal response everyone experiences when they feel intimidated. Continue reading “Depression and Anxiety – what you can do (part 1)” »

It’s Just the Start

The sole purpose of JustStartHealth.com is to provide people with the knowledge they need to empower them to improve their health and quality of life. A lot of people who make a conscious effort to become healthier have their efforts stunted by elusive marketing ploys. Corporations selling products under the healthy banner when in actual fact they are far from it. Not to mention every other person trying to sell a quick fix for something that can only be truly fixed by changing our lifestyles.

Over the last 6 years I have been doing a lot of research into improving my health, I came across so many potholes but over time as I researched further I realized where I was going wrong. I have started this blog to spread the information I have learned so that it may benefit people. I still have a long way to go but hopefully we can go on this journey together and learn from one another.

If you want to get in touch please email me on juststarthealth@gmail.com.Make sure you comment, share and click that Subscribe button for all things Healthy.

My first actual post will be about water and the significance of drinking the right type of water. Water is so essential to life and it should be our foundation when it comes to health. So watch out for that.

Much Love